The Bamboozle

After attending the Convoy4Kids antweight event, I was able to see the amazing print quality for a bunch of robots that were printed on the Bambu Labs X1 Carbon.

It’s a pricy little unit, but the quality, speed and the lack of fiddling required to get consistent prints with variance filaments is amazing. I caved and ordered one….

4 days later, it arrived!

It was very well packaged.

After setting up and running the first calibrations, it finally fulfilled the dream of having my 3D printer to live in my rack cabinet! (My old Raise3D N2 is half the size of the rack cabinet hahaha!)

Printed a scraper with no messing around. Pressed go and walked away, it leveled itself, checked the first layers itself and then completed the job.

And now it’s onto doing rapid prototyping robot parts!