Knightrous – Build Part 7

Time to build some drive motors.

Some printed cutting jigs so I can get the shafts cut to the right length for the pinions.

The rear of the motors needed a skim as well to fit a rear support bearing.


Not much was needed to be removed.

And the bearing presses on perfectly.

Jig fitted on, time to cut.

Good enough!

Just needs a clean up on the linisher.

One completed motor, three to go.

Shafts cut and cleaned up.

First drive assembly back together.

Till next time…

Knightrous – Build Part 6

I needed to get some new weapon bars cut as the old ones are a little worn, I decided that I could make them larger for the same weight with a little bit of a design tweak. This will allow more gearing, less weapon rpm (so more bite) and more kinetic energy.

The new bars have a diameter of 300mm, are 16mm thick, have two usable sides to get double the weapon life and now feature a hex whole make it easier to replace them. The Bamboozle smashed out these parts in under under 3hrs!

With the increase in bar diameter, it means the up rights needed modified. This is a dodgy for now, but will help get it dialed in for the final part.

Comparison to the old 250mm bar.

A quick mock up of it all.

Till next time…

Knightrous – Build Part 5

More tweaks and revisions continue on the weapon motor and gearbox assembly.
The bearings arrived, so it was time to start fitting them into the design and confirming there placement.

This included a few revisions of the output shaft to align the planet carrier plate into it’s correct place.

More and more tweaks, including some different ratios.

The new drive motors to replace my now discontinued NTM4240-750’s

Surpass Hobby C4238-750kv

Till next time!

Knightrous – Build Part 4

It bucket rain today and flooded most of my outside work space, so I retreated inside and worked on designing some parts to make in the future, like the weapon gearing.

The weapon first stage gearbox needs designed, so a quick bit of cad work produced this, the front bearing block which houses two 22x10x6 bearings and captures the ring gear.

Front side has sunken bolt holes to bolt the whole assembly together.

Putting the Banebots P61 4:1 parts into the front block.

Adding the main bolts

With this done, it’s time to design the rear block for the motor.

Designed this to center the motor with the ring gear, capture the motor screws and align everything together.

Bolting up the motor.

Ready to assemble the two halves.

Screws are oversized, but will order smaller ones once it is all finalised.

Printed out a shaft to work with the hex output for the Banebots.

It fits perfectly.

Next up I printed some HTD5 pulleys, a 16T for the motor gearbox and both a 30T and 32T to play around with what works best for the weapon end.

Running the calculations, the 32T is likely going to be the best one to use as it gives a neat 8:1.

Till next time.

The Bamboozle

After attending the Convoy4Kids antweight event, I was able to see the amazing print quality for a bunch of robots that were printed on the Bambu Labs X1 Carbon.

It’s a pricy little unit, but the quality, speed and the lack of fiddling required to get consistent prints with variance filaments is amazing. I caved and ordered one….

4 days later, it arrived!

It was very well packaged.

After setting up and running the first calibrations, it finally fulfilled the dream of having my 3D printer to live in my rack cabinet! (My old Raise3D N2 is half the size of the rack cabinet hahaha!)

Printed a scraper with no messing around. Pressed go and walked away, it leveled itself, checked the first layers itself and then completed the job.

And now it’s onto doing rapid prototyping robot parts!