Supra Drag Night

The Supra Club had offered and invite to Toymods to join them at the Wednesday Drags at Sydney Dragway.
So while the GC8 and Legnum were offline, I took the MR-S.

Half day at work and arrived an hour early (trying to avoid fkn Sydney traffic)

Once I got the hang of getting the SMT to do a burnout from the water box and to get it to launch (haha).
All in all, while not fast, the SMT is bloody consistent. It punched out consistent 16.5xx’s all night, ended up trying to get my R/T as low as possible, still only got it to a lazy .221. Will have to take it back for another run and try to get is as close to .001 for the usual cash prize they run.

Best run for the night was 16.514


ZZW30 – Service Time!

The ZZW30 has been doing a fair few miles lately as it gets daily driven and a couple of things started to show signs of wear.
Service – The usual 5000km oil and filter change.
Brakes – Rotors/pads looked worn and the pedal was a bit soft.
Lights – The one of the headlight bulbs crapped it on the low beam and I decided it was time to upgrade to some cheap assed LEDs.

First up the service, so on the hoist it went.

The GC8 once against pushed into the cold….
Pan under, time to drop it.

Not pitch black and it didn’t feel gritty, so the layman brain says its okay.

New filter, prefilled it with oil and oiled the seal.

Filter fitted and torqued up to two fingers tight on the ratchet ๐Ÿ˜›

New oil in, started, topped off and then back on the hoist in the other direction


Wheel off and onto the first rotor/pads.

Tiny assed brakes, but they seem to do the job.

Big 50mm single piston calipers hahaha. Seem weird after having dealtย  with the Brembo and Sumitomo 4 pots in the other cars.

Pads not as worn as originally thought.

Probably would have done another 20000km, but I can see they are also tapering a bit.

Rotor off and ready for a quick brake clean.

Brembo rotors, the choice of CHAMPIONS! I’ve had a headache finding these rotors from the local manufactures like DBA and RDA, it was a surprise to find Brembo had them and a local business stocked them.

And they are actually the right parts (Unlike the ones I bought for the Legnum the first time……)

Part numbers for anyone else looking for them.

On it goes. Shiny!

A quick hit with brake cleaner and a nylon brush. It’s ugly but better then it was.

I’ve spent a few to many light nights fighting tight, rounded and broken bolts, anything I think will get rusted or stuck, gets copper grease on it.

I was hoping to get the DBA Street Performance pads, but they don’t make them for the ZZW30. Decided it was easier to go the basic, but easily available off the shelf option. For $55, I’m willing to give them a go.

All assembled, pumped the pedal and it firmed up straight away, so no oppsies there.

Wheel back on and onto the otherside.

I needed to pull the plastic trims off for doing the LED bulbs, so did it while I was flushing the brake fluid. Here you get to see the Electric Hydraulic Power Steering unit (EHPS) and ABS unit mounted to the chassis.

LED Bulb time.
Yeah, china gold (fools?), look like the same things as in the Legnum, and they have the same issues….

The mounting boss is too thing, so they align, but the retainer cannot clamp it.

And I did the same dirty thing as I did with the Legnum….. Zipties.

In she goes.

Drivers side done, comparing it to the passenger side with the craptastic Philips bulb.

Both done and much nicer.

All the lumens!


Anyway, that should keep it going for a while longer.
Next up I’ll probably replace the exhaust tip which something cooler…

The Camry Arrives

As alluded to in the last Legnum post, I bought a 2002 Toyota Camry.
With the Legnum shitting the bed, we needed a 4 door car to take on some daily duties but also not cost a bomb.
So onto Carsales and FBM to find a new daily shit box, when I came across this bad boy.

It’s the last of the 1MZ V6’s, a March 2002 build with a manual E153 gearbox.
She’s the ducks guts, Max.

With all the random 1MZ/3MZ / E153 shit I have laying around (LSD’s, ECU’s, Injectors) it’s real hard not to want to turn this into an abomination of a project.
ITB Camry anyone?

Legnum – Broken again….

Buy a Legnum they said, it would be fun they said.
Missus gave me a call one night, said the Legnum was making some “Nasty bad grindy” sounds.
As the well taught chickadee that she is, she had already double checked fluids, wheels and the engine bay for obvious things.
It only did it while driving and it got worse the faster she drove, so she pulled over and and called.

Into the MR-S and I zoom out to to find her on the side of the road.
A quick look around the car myself and it didn’t show signs of obvious things (Wheel bearings, failed brake caliper, etc).
Told her to jump in the MR-S and I’d have a go at limping it home.
I made it ~200m before I pretty much determined the issue and accepted the fate.

A failing transfer case.

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Anyway, just thought, fuck it, send it and see how far we get, the less distance, the cheaper the tow truck trip.
Well it made the 20km trip home, but was very angry the last kilometer, every corner I could feel it binding the front end up and clunking.

So once again the Legnum is parked up…

Thanks to a member of the OZVR4 forums, I picked up a replacement transfer case, a pair of turbos (might help with that smoking issue…) and a drive shaft (I suspect the middle bearing on mine is worn as it clunks a bit).

But for now, we needed another 4 door car, that is reliable…

Maybe I should have just bought one of these in the first place instead of the Legnum….

Yep, a 2002 Toyota Camry V6 manual.
Last of the 1MZ V6’s and fitted with the much sort after E153 manual gearbox.
It handles like a bucket of shit with flogged out shocks (it does) and tires so hard it peg legs for days (in the rain you get keep it spinning in 3rd to limiter)
I do happen to have a TRD LSD that will fit this gearbox, so maybe, just maybe when the Legnum is sorted, it will get a gift of traction.

Legnum Diagnostic Tool

The 8th generation Legnum/Galant uses a really simple method to put the car into a diagnostic mode to flash out the error codes on the dash. You just put a jumper wire between pin 1 and 4 on the ODB2 port and turn the ignition on. However, I’m lazy and I’m over looking for the bit of wire I’ve left in the car and then having to awkwardly bend under the dash to insert it. So I came up with this solution.

Core Electronics sell the ODB2 connectors for $2.65.

The pins are neatly labels as well, I grabbed a pair of pliers and bent pins 1 and 4 inwards 90 degrees.

Then soldered an offcut of wire across them.

I will eventually fill the plug end in with epoxy, a small loop of string will be embedded to help remove the plug from the socket, it will also protect the pins from shorting.

Legnum Life – Error 61

Well it was a good run….

Diagnostic mode…

Error 61 – A/T ECU And Communication Lines (Torque Reduction Request Signal Line) System

Did I just buy a Golf R???
The light goes away after a power cycle, sometimes I can drive for an hour and it doesn’t come on, other times it comes on within 2-3km.
The automatic transmission drives well with no issues or oddities, so I’ve been partly ignoring it.

Legnum Major Service โ€“ Part 22

This week on Dragon Ball Z, Goku finally def………..

We try to get the Legnum registered!

The Legnum has been rolling around on some boarder line legal NT01’s since we pinched it’s tires for the GC8 one time. We the spare GC8 wheels were loaded into the back ready for the tire swap to happen again and give the Legnum it’s tires back.

Setting off for the registration inspection.

Being inspected….. And passing! Paperwork done, called my insurer, organized the required road insurance, next stop, the transport department.
(As this is an imported car, a lot of the features are not mentioned, so the inspector didn’t have to check things like the ABS or AYC were even working!)

And registered! Drove it home.

Now it’s all registered, I will now daily it for a bit to make sure everything is running well while I order the parts to fix the issues.
Only 14 months behind schedule…

But hey, as the motto says… ‘Sometimes maybe finish, sometimes maybe not

I’m calling that a finish.

GC8 Engine Rebuild โ€“ Part 6

With the Legnum prepared for registration tomorrow, I thought I’d jump onto the GC8 for a bit.

Realized I forgot the crank case breather and PCV thing…

Oh, and I forgot the PCV valve too….

Throttle body off, cleaned the valve and threaded it on.

Throttle body back on.

Alright, lets do this.

Walked the engine over, jacked the gearbox up a bit

Used the tilting bar to give the engine a bit of angle

Getting it into the engine bay and closer to lining up

Just need to get the two big bolts from the engine to line up with the gearbox, then push back and align the clutch

Nearly there.


With the engine in, we can move onto other tasks.

Like the doing the wiring upgrade on the fuel pump.

Legnum Major Service โ€“ Part 21

The Legnum had a few dash lights on after getting it all back together, some I knew about (TCL Light), others were new (ABS). So it wasn’t likely to pass registration inspection without them being resolved. The TCL light was always on, so I put the car into diagnostic mode and counted the flashing patterns.

Error 77 –ย  TCL vacuum system or ventilation solenoid

This thing. A quick investigation with the multi meter determined the top solenoid was 0 ohms and open circuit.

I found that a local delivered Mitsubishi Verada had the same solenoids, but on a different bracket. $100 of ebay shipped.

They arrived, I fitted it, turn the car on, TCL light still on! Put it into Diagnostic mode.

Error 77 –ย  TCL vacuum system or ventilation solenoid

For fuck sake, threw the multi meter on the new solenoid, open circuit…. It’s $400+ for this solenoid brand new from Mitsubishi.
Going to let this one marinate for a bit ***

Next up was the ABS light, well after some research, it appears that when I put the new 98+ front up rights on for the Brembo conversions, it required different ABS sensors. I had just reused the ones I had, which it turns out are about 15mm shorter! So I sourced some second hand sensors from New Zealand.

Fitted them, ABS light still on, for fuck sake!
After pulling both sensors back out and testing them, I found that the front left sensor was buggered.

*** I think that marinating is done.
I decided to pull the dash out and I’d just pull the TCL and ABS globes like a dodgy bastard and deal with it later.

Oh look at that, there is a lot of missing bulbs…….

Pointing my workshop light into the back of the empty bulbs. I found a few blanks, which are reserved for features or functions this car doesn’t have and I then found the following.

Check Engine light… Oh.

AYC…. Oh

Skids…. Hello there.

I took the bulb out of the TCL socket, then put it into the AYC and then put the ABS bulb into the Check Engine Light.
Powering the car up in diagnostic mode showed some more codes….

Engine codes
Error 62 – Unknown
Error 71 – Vacuum Control Solenoid Valve System <T/C – A/T>ย  ย  <—- The same code from the TCL light.

AYC Codes
Error 22 – FL wheel speed sensor system

Well I knew about Error 71 and Error 22, but the Error 62 is unknown and the motor doesn’t seem to have any issues.
#YOLO. I pulled the AYC bulb out and left the Check Engine Light in. It didn’t display any codes normally and turn off shortly after ignition is keyed.

In the next episode, we will suck it and see if we can get the Legnum registered!

GC8 Engine Rebuild โ€“ Part 5

Back onto the GC8 after a couple of weeks doing other things.

Motor on the floor and the plates removed.

New Ryder Racing kit bolted on.

Flywheel back on.

Flywheel bolts torqued and marked.

Clutch aligned, bolted on and torqued.

Clutch bearing removed.

Clutch fork, pin and bearing reassembled onto the gearbox.

Raceworks fuel pump fitted to the hanger, next up we can start the wiring upgrade on it.

Till next time.