DJ RoutyBOI – A CNC Rite of Passage

When one gets a CNC machine, you must do what all good nerds do, play music on it.
I however missed this step in the manual and moved straight onto making a mess of the first thing I could bolt to the bed and feed a cutter through.

So I kicked of this morning by taking my rite of passage and played a song on the router.


CNC Jobs

The last couple of weeks the little 6040 CNC has been belting out jobs for myself and some customers. Here are a couple that it has completed.

S2000 F20C throttle body adaptor to allow a drive by wire throttle to be bolted on.

Throttle body adaptor flanges for a Toyota 1GZFE V12

I’ve been playing around with the idea of making some ITB’s for the 3MZ V6 project, this is the first test of the idea. Not perfect, but proves the point.

The reservoir tank lid on the GC8 has rusted and started leaking, so I decided to make a billet one.

I was also asked if I could make a EGR block off plate for the Toyota 1MZ V6.