A New Sportsman Robot – The Verdict

With the first robot event announced and confirmed with only a short window to get it done, it was time to dig out some parts and get cracking.

I dug out the old Dewuts and BotBitz TZ85A controllers that were in the first version of Farmboy. This combo was good enough to win RoboWars Sportsmen 2013 in Sydney, maybe it can do it again!

Updating the gear selector on the Dewuts with my own design that cannot come loose.

Fitted and locked into mid gear.

Designed up a 3D printed mount for the TZ85’s so they can be mounted to the Dewuts directly.

Fitted and ready.

Adding the ESC itself.

The Brazil wheels I purchased in 2020 have an odd sized 15mm shaft which is hard to adapt to the 1/2″ Dewut shafts.
So I farmed out the machining to Demon Designs for a 20mm Hex into the wheel.

Then he machined up these adaptors for me.

Drilled and tapped some 3mm grub screws into it.

Bolted it all to a plank for initial testing.

And then we hit a problem… I had issues with the main door on my workshop and lost my entire xmas break off…. It was fixed 9 days before the event.
What I had designed and was prepared to build all went out the window and we started the rush build!
I bought a gas bottle from Bunnings, found an old winch motor setup with a brushless motor on it and decided to run with some form of hammer bot.

Marked the gas bottle with this simple method.

Followed by the cutting.

Marked for the next cut.

Pushed both halves together, it looks like a bot shell….

Added a few tack welds.

Started adding the first internals frame work. Just some basic 25x6mm mild steel.

Tested fitted the weapon motor setup.

Started mounting the drive motors.

And starting to add more bracing in.

Now to add the weapon slot into the chassis.

Getting closer.

A quick weigh of all the components as it is… Very close to the 13.6kg limit!

Some brand new batteries from Ovonic arrived, just in time!

Things from here were a blur, suddenly a lot of thing were done an no photos were taken…

But here we are, 13.50kg

One last beauty shot.

Next time, the event!

Knightrous Wedge: The Vertical Slice – Part 9

It’s been a bit quiet here as we’ve been busy!

Quickly CNC’d up some motor mounts and supports for the drive

Started machining the weapon hub

Then drilling it out

Then boring it

Then making some bushes

Bushes pressed into the weapon hub, then the assembly pressed into the weapon bar.

A quick dummy fit.

Picked up the weapon belts. HTD 5M-325-15

Machining the weapon timing pulley. A 36T pulley to give the weapon a 2.4:1 reduction.

A quick dummy fit again.

The weapon motor mount… an after thought…

After cutting the upright and tack welding it in.

Motor mounted

Belt fitted.

3D printed jigs are awesome.

Drive mostly ready.

Knightrous Wedge: The Vertical Slice – Part 8

Another update!

Batteries arrived, this will give Knightrous a 12S 2.2Ah capacity.

This decision was something I had been holding off, on doing for a while, but it became inevitable with the requirements for this robot. The drive and wheels must go close to the weapon axis and it needs more space to fit them. So the original chassis and wheel guards had to be removed….

This left it looking very bare, but it did make space!

I’m still undecided on which drive configuration I’m going to decide on.

The spur gears are a very simple setup, uses off the shelf parts and will be easy to repair and service

The planetary gearboxes are more expensive, require some modifications but have a nice and simple form factor that suits the robot.

The new wheel guards tack welded in. More bracing and reinforcement to come!

Knightrous Wedge: The Vertical Slice – Part 3

Sent the Hardox 500 uprights off to Glen to have 30mm holes bored into them for the weapon shaft bushes to fit Then tack welded the assembly back onto the chassis for alignment.

Started making an MDF template for the side armour/brace. It’s an awkward shape.

First one cut from yet more Hardox 500. A few errors in the temeplate will require a bit of gap filling with the welder, but that happens Razz

Closer but the gaps are pretty noticeable from here…

Both sides cut out, aligned into place and tack welded.

And once again a quick reminder on where things should go….

Knightrous Wedge: The Vertical Slice – Part 2

While everyone was having the pleasure of competing at RoboWars Brisbane, I had to settle for a long weekend in the garage.

Have to start some where I guess.

Mocked up a hub + pulley for the weapon.

Using some offcuts to position things to roughly where they will go.

Shaped some MDF for a rough template to transfer into Hardox 500

Hardox 500 parts with a temporary noodle shaft (Till I can drill a 30mm hole in the Hardox Sad )