GC8 Engine Rebuild – Part 8

Moved onto wiring up the injectors today, removing the stock Denso plugs and fitting the Bosch ones.

Cut the Denso plug off.

Stripped back some of the plastic sleeve, fitted the rubber seal, crimped and soldered the pins on.

Pushed the pins into the Bosch plug housing.

Slid the seal up over the plug.

Then plugged them on.

Next up will be to play with the fuel pump setup and find a place for the flex fuel sensor to go.

GC8 Engine Rebuild – Part 6

With the Legnum prepared for registration tomorrow, I thought I’d jump onto the GC8 for a bit.

Realized I forgot the crank case breather and PCV thing…

Oh, and I forgot the PCV valve too….

Throttle body off, cleaned the valve and threaded it on.

Throttle body back on.

Alright, lets do this.

Walked the engine over, jacked the gearbox up a bit

Used the tilting bar to give the engine a bit of angle

Getting it into the engine bay and closer to lining up

Just need to get the two big bolts from the engine to line up with the gearbox, then push back and align the clutch

Nearly there.


With the engine in, we can move onto other tasks.

Like the doing the wiring upgrade on the fuel pump.

GC8 Engine Rebuild – Part 5

Back onto the GC8 after a couple of weeks doing other things.

Motor on the floor and the plates removed.

New Ryder Racing kit bolted on.

Flywheel back on.

Flywheel bolts torqued and marked.

Clutch aligned, bolted on and torqued.

Clutch bearing removed.

Clutch fork, pin and bearing reassembled onto the gearbox.

Raceworks fuel pump fitted to the hanger, next up we can start the wiring upgrade on it.

Till next time.

GC8 Engine Rebuild – Part 4

With the Legnum back together enough to get it out the workshop, it was time to bring the GC8 over and start working on it.

The engine bay is filthy, so out came the brake cleaner

A little better, but still filthy to be honest.

Time to add some more things to the motor.

This inlet pipe will no longer be used, so I have to plug it.

Random slug of alloy in the lathe.

Plug done.

Intake pipe fitted to the turbo.

The fuel pump is going to be upgraded, so it was time to pull that out.

Pretty neat and tidy from factory.

And the assembly comes out without any real issues. Someone has previously added a DW65C pump, which is boarder line for our goals, so we will be replacing it with a Raceworks 340LPH E85 pump.

I also had the Ryder Racing billet AOS back plate kit arrive along with their Fuel pump wiring upgrade kit.

Till next time.